News and Updates

Score from Wednesday:

Cashtown 14, New Oxford 2

Cashtown (3-1) travles to Hagerstown Thursday; New Oxford eliminated


Scores from Tuesday:

Hagerstown 6, Cashtown 0

Cashtown (2-1) hosts New Oxford on Wednesday;  Hagerstown (3-0) will host Championship Game(s) Thursday (and Friday if necessary)


New Oxford 5, Littlestown 4

New Oxford (3-1) visits Cashtown on Wednesday;  Littlestown eliminated

Final Regular Season Statistics have been compiled and submitted by league statistician Micah Aumen. They can be found on the STATS page on the website main menu.


Scores from Monday:

New Oxford 7, Gettysburg 4

New Oxford (2-1) hosts Littlestown (at Brushtown) on Tuesday; Gettysburg eliminated


Littlestown 8, Biglerville 0

Littlestown (2-1) vs. New Oxford (at Brushtown) on Tuesday; Biglerville eliminated


Sunday Results:

Hagerstown 3, New Oxford 2

Hagerstown (2-0) hosts Cashtown on Tuesday;  New Oxford (1-1) hosts Gettysburg on Monday (at Brushtown)


Cashtown 4, Littlestown 0

Cashtown (2-0) at Hagerstown on Tuesday;  Littlestown (1-1) at Biglerville on Monday


Gettysburg 6, Shippensburg 1

Gettysburg (2-1) vs. New Oxford (at Brushtown) on Monday;  Shippensburg eliminated


Biglerville 5, Brushtown 4

Biglerville (1-1) hosts Littlestown on Monday;  Brushtown eliminated